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Amethyst + Rose Quartz + Clear quartz Bracelet

Amethyst + Rose Quartz + Clear quartz Bracelet

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Amethyst- Amethyst helps to cleanse and purify the Aura, connects us to other dimensions as well as to Sprit. Amethyst is a natural tranquilliser, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

Rose quartz- Opens your heart.Stone of unconditional love and infinite
peace.Attracts love into your life. Restores trust and harmony in relationships
while aiding you to heal your emotions. Teaches you self-love, self-acceptance and
forgiveness. Brings you loving vibes, enhances your positive affirmations.

Clear quartz- Clear Quartz is the most healing of all the stones! It amplifies, restores,
releases, and stores energies. Cleanses and restore the organs and
the soul. Helps us to see things more clearly. Helps to clear mental blocks and
improves focus a great stone to meditate with when searching for clarity.

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